New Balance MD500 Track Spike Arrives

NB MD500 spikes

They're here!

The first pairs of our Spring Track Spike collection arrived! The New Balance MD500 delivers a featherweight feel to the middle distance runner with enough versatility for multi-event athletes. The spike weighs a mere 4.0 oz. and provides a comfortable fit and feel in a body bred for competition.

We can recommend this spike to a variety of track athletes, as it caters to a wide range of events. Following the characteristics of most middle-distance spikes, the MD500 has a low-profile wedge of foam under the heel to provide a touch of cushion. The forefoot spike plate features a light and aggressive design for firm traction to dig into the track and deliver a strong, confident toe-off. Jumpers will also find this design appealing for a powerful lift-off!

Look out for upcoming additions to our spring track collection, featuring spike models geared for a variety of events!

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