Nike Pegasus 31 Review

Nike Pegasus 31

Nike wanted to improve one of their most popular running shoes, but do so without sacrificing the soul (or is it "sole?" That's a bad shoe pun.) of a long-standing favorite. They used input from elite runners, including Mo Farah, and combined it with popular features loved by walkers, casual joggers and marathoners alike, to create the Zoom Pegasus 31.

Firmer Midsole - The 31st version of this legendary Nike shoe changes some of the standard characteristics of recent Pegasus models, notably the super-soft feel underfoot. The newest Pegasus has a much firmer midsole and improved Zoom technology (compressed air pocket within the midsole), so the shoe feels much more responsive.

Engineered Mesh Upper - The upper uses very little stitching and it "built together" rather than "stitched together." The main benefit? Less potential for irritation, less weight, more contouring fit.

Weightloss - Not a significant drop (the previous Pegasus models have always been lightweight) yet still lighter than the predecessor.

New Heel-Toe Drop - The Peg 31 uses a lower heel-toe differential than previous models to promote a more natural footstrike.

Bottom Line - Pairing the firmer ride and engineered mesh upper, the shoe feels fast remarkably fast. Still, the Pegasus has long been known as a workhorse trainer and remains trustworthy for the bulk of your miles.

 Nike Pegasus 31

Available now in Men's and Women's sizes!

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