Snow Running Beats No Running

But, be safe!

Days like today, when the temperatures drop and we can't see without a barrage of snow flakes in our eyes, test us. They test our will, our courage, our dedication, and our nervous system.

They also remind us about how strong we are. You can go out there, you can brave the elements, and prove to yourself that you can endure discomfort. And, you'll be better for it. I love days like today because they are hard and unpleasant. Consider any venture outside today "mental conditioning." If the weather is bad, I don't worry about pace and may even leave my watch at home all together. Today, you can build your will, courage, and dedication (and to a certain extent, the nervous system). If you need help getting outfitted for the conditions, we would be delighted to set you up (and at 40% off!).

Go out and be brave. You're tough enough and strong enough! And remember:

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