Shoe Care Tips

Ok, so you have a great, new pair of shoes from Fleet Feet to help you achieve your fitness goals. Your shoes are good to go out of the box and will require very little maintenance over their lifespan. However, for those rare cases when they need a little tender, loving care, here are some tips to keep them as fresh as the day you got them!


If they get dirty:

-DO NOT put the shoes in a washer or dryer. The detergent, saturation, and heat can alter the shoe’s fit, feel, and technology.

-DO handwash dirt, mud, and other gunk off of the upper and midsole with gentle soap or detergent. A toothbrush can be a handy tool to do this.

-DO NOT use bleach, unless the appearance of the shoe does not matter. Bleach WILL fade out any color.


If they get wet:

-DO NOT put the shoes in the dryer, see above.

-DO NOT dry them on a radiator, a heat vent, under a heat lamp, or any other “heat” device. Extreme heat can adversely affect the shoe in a number of ways.

-DO take out the sockliner, insert, insole, orthotic, or whatever your foot stands on inside the shoe if it is removable, and air dry it separately.

-DO stuff the shoes with newspaper. The paper will absorb a lot of the moisture AND the odor, a great win-win solution.

-DO act fast, the longer a shoe sits wet, the more opportunity for odor and bacteria to build up.


If you are ever unsure about your shoe, your situation, and what to do:

-CALL US (856-810-0051). EMAIL US. LET US HELP YOU!


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